What is Intra?

Intra is a powerful, SharePoint-based suite of software that will improve the operations of your business. Intra consists of eight ready-to-use modules enabling you to streamline and automate business processes across departments.

Intra was designed by Future Processing. Our 17 years of software development experience, combined with 10 years as a Microsoft Certified Partner enables us to offer SharePoint products to the highest standards.

What is SharePoint?

A powerful suite of software to help your business share information, work more efficiently and grow

SharePoint Online (Office 365) provides the benefits of an intranet by increasing transparency, optimising business processes and improving internal communication.

As SharePoint works on both personal computers and mobile devices it means employees can access information anytime and anywhere but crucially in a secure and controlled environment.

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What can Intra bring to your organisation?

Ready to use modules that are quick to implement it's designed for multiple platforms (web, tablet and mobile)

No maintenance required on your site

Very scalable – allows you to add or remove users easily

Enables you to automate and digitalise processes throughout the company

Integrates with all Microsoft products and other SharePoint solutions

Support & maintenance is provided by the experienced Intra Team developers

It's Cloud based, so you could save storage and stay calm about updates

Publication of content in Intra is easy and doesn’t require your employees to have technical expertise

Modules designed to help HR with workload through automation and efficient management of processes

Supports collaboration within the company – helps build company culture and enhances internal communication

Increases transparency within the company

One stop shop for all features – most important company apps gathered in one platform

Social modules for engaging your employees in shaping the intranet

Is highly customisable (e.g. allows changing the layout of items, using own logo and brand colours)

Integrates with all Microsoft products

Cloud based – access to files and important information from anywhere on any device

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About Internal Communication Portal

Supporting effective communication and collaboration between employees

The Communication Portal brings together a company’s knowledge assets and provides employees with clear and always up to date information. What’s more, this can be in multiple languages to make this resource completely available and inclusive to all offices.

  • reducing multiple communication channels to a single platform
  • allowing continuous access to company information, supporting transparency
  • quick and easy searching through a built-in search engine on every page
  • supporting management processes within the organisation
  • allowing employees to exchange knowledge and providing a suitable forum for discussion
About Workspaces Portal

Dedicated workspaces to manage work efficiently

Workspaces Portal improves collaboration through giving each team a dedicated space for their project documents. It also allows them to post updates and assign project tasks to one another.

  • each team or project has its own storage space for documents
  • allows to store all documents related to a particular project or team in one place
  • gives team members access to these documents and enables collaborative working
  • allows to assign tasks to project members
  • gives each employee an ability to stay up-to-date with all project-related events
About Employee Skills Portal

Better management of employees’ potential

Thanks to the information held in the Skills Portal it is possible to accurately monitor and analyse employee skills and better manage the real potential of the workforce. The Employee Skills portal also makes it easier to find candidates with skills, competencies and experience which are needed for both current and future projects.

  • filtering of employees with selected competencies or certificates
  • matching employee competencies with current demand
  • analysing of trends and data access
  • using PowerPivot to monitor and generate statistics
  • conducting two-dimensional evaluation – level and attitude
  • employee self-entry of skills proficiency level and aptitude
About Training Portal

Facilitated and highly automated knowledge sharing within the company

The Training Portal adds ease and thoroughness to the process of managing training within the organisation by planning and delivering targeted courses and knowledge requirements. It automates numerous day-to-day processes and allows the creation of individual development plans for employees that accurately align their personal goals with the company’s development strategy.

  • automating email notifications about enrolling on courses, changed priorities and unavailability and spare places, checking attendance and generating post-training surveys
  • adding course resources from training to a common online library
  • enabling control over the entire learning and development process in the company
  • generating statistics on courses and trainers thanks to Microsoft Excel or PowerPivot
  • a company-wide search engine and calendar provides up-to-date access to all scheduled training courses
About Employee Absence Management Portal

Faster and more efficient processing of absence requests

The Absence Management Portal reduces the workload of the HR department and line managers by allowing employees to book absence requests and view remaining holiday entitlement on-line.

  • shortening and standardising the process of submitting absence requests
  • easy access to employees and managers on remaining holiday entitlement
  • absence requests automatically validated against current employment law
  • automatic forwarding of applications to the responsible manager
  • automatic notification of any absence request’s status
About Business Trips Portal

Simplified and standardised business trips management

The Business Trips Portal streamlines the process of booking, reporting and accounting for business trips. It allows each employee to quickly complete all the necessary information in one place and generates unified, error-free applications with minimal employee input.

  • reduces employee input through the automation of the process
  • generates consistent and error-free applications with all required information
  • significantly reduces mistakes in any application
  • automatically sends notifications regarding business trips
  • synchronises with MS Outlook to make business trips immediately visible in the calendar
About Asset Management Portal

Quick and economical management of resources throughout the organisation

The Asset Management Portal provides employees with a simple to use and intuitive system to manage and book resources such as rooms and shared facilities within the organisation.

  • simple search engine browsing through all resources
  • monitoring of inventory and the status of any resource
  • clear display shows all borrowed items and for how long
  • easy calendar-based tracking of resources available to all employees
  • automatic demand reporting to the responsible manager
About Knowledge Base

Everything your employees need to know in one place

The Knowledge Base serves as a one-stop-shop for all the information your employees need to know in an attractive and easily digestible form. It can be used for all the instructions and procedures that were stored in many different places.

  • all information about your organisation and its processes is available a single wiki-style internal knowledge base
  • allows continuous access to company information and supports transparency
  • allows for a quick and easy search using a built-in search engine
  • includes sections for the FAQ, wiki-style knowledge base and documents

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Who are we?

Future Processing is a long-established Polish company providing innovative IT solutions

In 2000 Future Processing was founded and is still led by Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award finalist Jarosław Czaja. Since then, we have grown from a handful of friends into a team of over 750 people who undertake ambitious technology and business ventures.

Being a software development company, we recognise that complicated problems often require solutions that bring together the strengths of many disciplines. Therefore, our team at Future Processing has a broad range of expertise in a variety of fields and industries.

We believe in building lasting relationships with our Clients. They partner with us because through our bespoke software development we enable them to innovate, be more competitive and focus on their core business.

Future Processing Building

The story behind Intra

As Future Processing came to existence in 2000, it only had 2 people. A few years later, we started to experience a very rapid growth in team size: from 30 employees in 2006, through 220 four years later, to 520 in 2012 and over 750 currently.

We quickly realised our traditional ways of communicating – by announcing new developments to everyone in the room, were no longer effective. The challenge was much more than communication, though – an increase in team size also meant more work for our HR, training and payroll departments.

With this in mind, we started to develop a system which would allow a better communication and collaboration of our team members, would automate and streamline processes in our key departments and allow statistics and reports to be generated. By trial and error and with input from our colleagues, through the years, we came up with a solution which is near perfection – Intra. Near perfection, because we get inspired to enhance Intra with new features and functionalities as technology advances.

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