What is Intra?

Intra is an intranet portal based on SharePoint platform.

Are you looking for a modern tool that will help you to effectively manage your business and improve the day-to-day organisational functions, such as absence requests, staff training or business trips? Would you like to improve internal communication and engagement of your employees in company life?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’, what you are looking for is Intra!
Intra is a multifunctional, SharePoint-based portal for the management of teamwork and internal communication. It facilitates access to data and helps information sharing.
Intra was designed by Future Processing. Our 17 years of software development experience, combined with 10 years as a Microsoft Certified Partner enables us to offer SharePoint products to the highest standards.

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What can Intra bring to your organisation?

Friendly work environment – Intra facilitates the building and strengthening of relationships in a team. It allows you to monitor the needs and satisfaction of employees who feel they are important to your organisation.

Increased work efficiency – with Intra, all the resources are in one place and can be used anywhere in the world, which means remote work is no longer problematic.

Effective internal communication and greater transparency of processes in the company – the team is up-to-date with company matters and more willingly engages in company life. The effect? Improved collaboration and lower turnover rates.

Social Modules – employees are free to share their knowledge, opinions, events, success stories and information from company life. This creates an integrated corporate community.

Efficient, quick and easy handling of tasks
– Intra allows to reduce errors associated with the handling of office tasks. It automates processes connected to requesting and recording absences and business trips. The number of errors and time taken for these tasks is reduced resulting in increased work efficiency.

Managing your team’s skills – … has never been so easy. Intra allows you to steer the potential of your team, which promotes your company’s growth and helps deliver superior levels of service and competitive advantage. At the same time, your employees do not fall into routine and enjoy their work.

Ready-to-use modules that are easy and quick to implement

Designed for multiple platforms (PCs and mobile) based on Responsive Web Design

Enables the automation of internal processes in the company

Integrates with all Microsoft products and other SharePoint solutions

Support & maintenance is provided by experienced Intra Team developers

Allows access from any device or place, as it’s cloud-based

Publication of content in Intra is easy and doesn’t require technical expertise



A window to your organisation

The dashboard is a convenient and intuitive panel which helps you to navigate the entire platform. From here, you can easily get to each of the modules and access tools that allow you to quickly and seamlessly handle administrative tasks.

The portal collects all knowledge resources in one place and allows for the employees to stay informed current affairs of the organisation. What is more, the system can have multiple language versions, and can therefore be deployed in your company’s offices around the world.

It allows you to find the information you need faster, increasing the pace and efficiency of your work.

Features of the dashboard
The benefits of Intra Dashboard:
  1. Reducing multiple communication channels to a single platform
  2. Allowing continuous access to company information, supporting transparency
  3. Quick and easy searching through a built-in search engine on every page
  4. Supporting management processes within the organisation
  5. Allowing employees to exchange knowledge and providing a suitable forum for discussion

Dashboard is a place, from where you can easilly get to one of the modules.


Discover Intra modules

Intra is made out of 8 ready-to-use modules that will help you manage your organisation efficiently. We are able to create custom modules that respond to your individual needs – get in touch with us for a quote.


Virtual workspaces designed to more efficiently manage work

Workspaces is a space dedicated to every team, where they can store project documents that are being worked on. It also includes a timeline for the project and users can post updates and assign tasks to themselves, or colleagues.

  • Each team or project has its own storage space for documents
  • All documents related to a particular project or team are in one place
  • Gives team members access to these documents and enables collaborative working
  • Allows to assign tasks to project members
  • Enables each employee to stay up-to-date with all project-related matters
  • Easy convenient way of creating virtual workspaces for your teams and/or projects


Accurate and consistent assessment of employee skills

The Employee Skills module gives you confidence that you are managing the potential of your team in the right way. Thanks to the information held in the module, it is possible to accurately monitor and analyse employee skills and better manage the real potential of the team. It also helps you to allocate candidates with the right competencies to other projects.

See our module in action:

  • Your employees develop in areas they like
  • You are certain that you are making the best of your team’s potential
  • Allows the filtering of employees with selected competencies or certificates
  • Enables to match employee competencies with current demand
  • Makes use of PowerPivot/PowerBI to monitor and generate statistics
  • Allows conducting two-dimensional evaluations – level and attitude
  • Enables employee to enter skills’ proficiency levels and aptitude


A simple and highly automated process for knowledge sharing within the company

In order to guarantee quality services and compatibility of these services with current trends, your team must constantly develop. The aim of the Training Portal is to facilitate and streamline the company’s training management process. The tool automates many procedures and enables the planning and implementation of employee training needs, coordinated with the company’s development strategy.

  • Automating email notifications about enrolling on courses, changed priorities and unavailability and spare places, checking attendance and generating post-training surveys
  • Adding course resources from training to a common online library
  • Enabling control over the entire learning and development process in the company
  • Generating statistics on courses and trainers thanks to PowerPivot or PowerBI
  • A search engine and calendar of all available, past and booked training

Business Trips

Efficient and automated business trip management process

The Business Trips module streamlines the process of requesting and accounting for business trips. It allows each employee to quickly and accurately complete and generate a business trip request.

  • Reduces employee workload connected to requesting and accounting for business trips through the automation of the process
  • Generates consistent and error-free applications with all required information
  • Significantly reduces mistakes in any applicationn
  • Automatically sends notifications regarding business trips
  • Is synchronised with Outlook calendar to make business trips immediately visible in the calendars of the employee and the manager


Quick and effective handling of holiday requests and sickness leave

The portal is designed to manage the absences of team members. Employees can request holiday and check the number of days off. This solution improves the operations of HR and facilitates the work of team leaders.

  • Shortening and standardising the process of submitting absence requests
  • Easy access to employees and managers on remaining holiday entitlement
  • Automatic forwarding of applications to the responsible manager
  • Automatic notification of any absence request’s status
  • Is synchronised with Outlook calendar to make absences immediately visible in the calendars of the employee and the manager


Quick and economical management of resources throughout the organisation

The Asset Management module provides employees with a simple-to-use and intuitive system to manage and book resources, such as rooms and shared facilities within the organisation.

  • Simple search engine enables to browse all resources
  • Allows for the monitoring of inventory and the status of any resourcee
  • Clear display shows all borrowed items and for how long
  • Easy calendar-based tracking of resources available to all employees
  • Automatic demand reporting to the person in charge

Knowledge Base

Everything your employees need to know in one place

Most companies have a vast knowledge base and employees often have trouble finding the information they need quickly. The module acts as a comprehensive information point and the available data is presented in an attractive and easily digestible form. The portal can be used to store instructions and procedures that have so far been in many different places.

  • All information about your organisation and its processes is available a single wiki-style internal knowledge base
  • Allows continuous access to company information and supports transparency
  • Allows for a quick and easy search using a built-in search engine
  • Includes sections for the FAQ, wiki-style knowledge base and documents


Effective implementation of a new employee in the company structure

The tasks included in the module engage the employee and set the path through which he easily gets to know the company, people and the organizational culture. The elements of gamification motivate to take subsequent actions and it makes the adaptation of a new employee faster and more efficient.

  • Taking care of an employee from the first day of work,
  • The form of the game allows new employees to get to know the organization in an accessible way,
  • Allows to add a new one or configure an existing employee process in the company,
  • Allows to determine individual stages, after which the employee gains next levels of adaptation,
  • Configurable survey completing the entire onboarding process,
  • Transparent and easy to use interface

About us

Future Processing is a highly experienced software development provider from Poland.

Our specialist knowledge and skills enable us to create innovative solutions for clients across the world, from a variety of industries.
The company was set up in 2000 by our CEO, Jarosław Czaja. Our history has been created by our team, which is now over 900 people and continues to grow.
What distinguishes us is our passion, with which we create software. In order to fully meet the expectations of our customers, we go beyond the specification of requirements. We use our experience, technical knowledge, innovation and creativity to give our customers the software that fully meets their needs.

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How was Intra created?

In 2000, Future Processing was only made up of 2 people. During the 17 years of our activity, we experienced a very rapid growth of the team: in 2006 there were 30 of us, in 2010 – 220, in 2012 the number of employees doubled, and now we are a team of over 900.

We quickly realised that our traditional ways of communicating were no longer effective. The increase in team size also meant more work for our HR department.

A question arose: how to communicate effectively in such a large team and deal with this huge amounts of organisational issues?
And so, we started to develop a system that would not only improve our communication, but also enable better collaboration between our teams and automate processes in key areas. By trial and error, supported by our colleagues, over the years we have developed a solution that is close to perfection – Intra.

We are continuously expanding Intra’s offer by adding new modules and features to keep pace with technological progress and the needs of our clients.

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